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045-198341FRISCH 150 kg - 800 mm Pulling Caterpillar
045-199081MAILLEFER 250 kg Pulling Caterpillar, Model QKR
045-199221Nextrom Caterpillar, Model 350-201
045-199911DALOO 1600kg Pulling Caterpillar
045-200621MAILLEFER 250Kg Belt Caterpillar, Model QK
045-201901MAPRE Heavy Duty Caterpillar 1000 daN, Model CBF1000-4V
045-168201Von Hagen&Funke Caterpillar, Type RA10/160
045-181822MAILLEFER 250 kg Pulling Caterpillar, Model QK
045-187551BOSTON MATTHEWS 1.1kW Tensioning Caterpillar & Sparktester
045-193701FRISCH 800mm Pulling Caterpillar, Model BA880
045-160761FRISCH 150 kg - 800 mm Pulling Caterpillar
045-141981POURTIER Antitorsion Braking Caterpillar, Model TSP1000
045-168311ANDOUART 1000 mm - 500 kg Pulling Belt Type Caterpillar
045-179913AGM 1000 mm Large Passage Caterpillar, Up to 250 mm Cables
045-187231GAUDER NEW 1.000 kg - 1550 mm Belt Type Caterpillar
045-192861MAPRE New 2000 Kg Pulling Caterpillar, Model CBF 2000-4V
045-176741WEBER 2500 mm Long Grip Pad Type Caterpillar, Model AP 2.5
045-159011POURTIER Large 4 Tons-2500 mm Caterpillar, Model CBF 4000-2M

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