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Pulling capstans

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045-200431ROSENDAHL 1250mm Single Wheel Capstan for Fiber Optic
045-201031ITAL 600mm Dual Wheel Capstan, Model TDV600
045-174381NEXTROM Low Tension Pulling Capstan for Fiber, Model CCA-605
045-186791LEIMBACH Dual Wheel Capstan, Model BS 03.02
045-172551KUKAMA 350 mm Pulling Capstan with Dancer, Model DST 350
045-172811MAILLEFER High Speed Wheel Capstan & Dancer, Model OZ
045-166201NOKIA Wheel Capstan 480 mm, Model VL 354
045-169681TROESTER Double Wheel 650mm Capstan
045-147271MAILLEFER 500 mm Low Tension Belt Capstan
045-136551ROSENDAHL Pulling Capstan 500 mm
045-168191REIFENHAUSER 500 mm Wheel Type Multiwrap Capstan, Model DS5
045-142901ROSENDAHL Dual Wheel Pulling Capstan, Model Dsa 500
045-186621LEIMBACH Belt Type Pulling Capstan 500 mm, Model BS 05
045-195181REDEX Wheel Type Pulling system
045-170141ETUDES & FABRICATIONS 600 mm Belt-Wrap Pulling Capstan
045-176322POURTIER 600 mm Belt Type Pulling Capstan (4 Pairs Pulling)
045-155771FRISCH , double wheel pulling capstan 760 mm
045-170121NOKIA 800 mm Tensioning Capstan for SZ Line, Model TLC 800
045-168591GENERAL ENGINEERING 800 mm Belt type capstan
045-141531CERRINI Belt Type Pulling Capstan 800 mm
045-145311CERRINI 800 mm Belt Wrap Capstan for Insulation Line
045-183831ROSENDAHL 800 mm Belt Wrap Capstan, Model SA 800
045-1510211000 mm Single Wheel Capstan - With Motor
045-191692MAILLEFER Dual Wheel Horizontal Capstan, Model SAP
045-170161Robust Single Wheel Pulling Capstan 2000 mm

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