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Unrolling pay-off (brake type, drag type or driven type)

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042-1962741250mm Roller Pay Off
042-196293CORTINOVIS 1600mm Braked Pay off, Type CSF.160.060.060.PM.VP
042-197861NEXTROM 1250mm Portal Pay Off, Model SPO1250
042-199231Driven Pay Off for 1000 mm bobbin
042-199251LEIMBACH 1600 mm Brake Type Cantilever Pay Off, Model DS16
042-2009011600mm Cantilever Driven Pay off
042-200921SKALTEK 3000mm Portal Braked Pay Off
042-201062LESMO 1600mm Cantilever Braked Pay Off
042-201191SETIC 800mm Driven Pay Off, Model DRM800 LPC
042-201491LEIMBACH 1800mm Cantilever Driven Pay-off, Model DS18.01
042-203341Braked Rotating Table
042-178411Rubber Pay Off
042-180551NIEHOFF Pay Off for Basket, Model AUD1100.2
042-156881MAILLEFER 600 x 375 mm JG1 Driven Pay-off
042-152581CABALLE 600 mm Shaft Type Pay Off
042-139311LAMNEA DIN 630 mm Pintle Type Braked Pay-off
042-112921SETIC Driven And Tension Control Pay Off, Model DRLT 630
042-190681Cantilever Din 630 Driven Pay Off
042-183175OZ CAMS 760 mm Driven Pay Off
042-186611SPIRKA Combined Pay Off & Take Up, Model DUTUE 10
042-170691Shaft type Pay Off for 1000 mm bobbins
042-135981Cantilever Driven Pay-off 1000 mm
042-160111BIWATER 1000 mm Cantilever type Motorized pay-Off
042-181571GAUDER NEW Cantilever 1000 mm Braked Type Pay-off
042-148591STOLBERGER 1000 mm Portal Type Pay-Off, Model WSQ 10/2
042-186731VHF 1000 mm Portal Type Pay Off, Model PAB 1000 TR
042-170631MB Driven and Tension Control Pay-off 1000 mm, Model SMC1000
042-186821BEMA 1000-1500mm Cantilever Type Pay-Off
042-176981KOCH Double Steel Wire Rod Pay-offs, Model KAM/25 D
042-175991MAILLEFER 1250 mm Driven Pay Off, Model IB 12
042-196041LESMO 1250mm Driven Pay off, Model SVOLG D1250
042-138331SPIRKA Shaft Type Pay-off 1250 mm
042-158041Home made , Cantilever 1250 DIN braked type Pay Off
042-158111Cantilever Hydraulic DIN 1250 mm Brake Pay-off
042-158481TECHNOLUX DIN 1250 mm Driven Payoff, Cantilever Type
042-143571LESMO DIN 1250 mm Column Type Braked Pay-off
042-1451411400 mm Shaft Type Braked Pay-off
042-178961DRUMLESS 1500 mm Brake Type Pay-Off, with Expansible Shaft
042-134841ROSENDAHL Cantilever Braked Pay-off 1600 mm
042-192711HEFEI SMARTER 1600 mm driven Pay Off, Model LF
042-137461REA Shaft Type Cantilever Pay-off DIN 1600 mm
042-188232NORTHAMPTON 1600 mm Driven Portal Pay Off
042-168301BUCKLEY, 1600 mm Braked type Column Pay-off
042-192151NEW Cantilever-Type DIN 1600 mm Brake Type Pay-off
042-192821Feedstock pay off for aluminium rods
042-186781TECHNOLUX 2000 mm Cantilever Driven Pay Off, Model ABW-M 200

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