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Double take-up

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041-200091ITAL 630-1250mm Dual Take up
041-183501Niehoff NPS Double Spooler, Model SVD500
041-141521NOKIA Full-Automatic Double Spooler 406 mm, Model EKP 4010
041-163921NOKIA Full-Automatic Double Spooler, Model EKP 50
041-167631NOKIA-MAILLEFER Double Spooler, Model EKP50
041-178221NOKIA Automatic DoubleSpooler, Model EKP5010
041-170651NOKIA Full Automatic Double Spooler 500 mm, Model EKP50
041-134091NOKIA High Speed Automatic Double Spooler, Model EKP50
041-183851ROSENDAHL 2 x DIN 630 Spooler, Model WP 630
041-189971ITAL Semi Automatic Dual Take-Up 400-700mm, Model ATSA 700
041-191031KUKAMA 800 mm Double Take Up, Mod. DAF 800
041-180781TECHNION Side-by-Side 800 mm Double Spooler
041-184531MAILLEFER Autom. Dual Spooler 1250 mm 1000 m/min, Model KAII

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