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041-196769SPIRKA 1000mm Shaft Type Take up, Model DA-WM 1000AUF
041-201201SETIC 630mm High Speed Take Up, Model ERM630R
041-202862ROSENDAHL 2000mm Self Traversing Take Up, Model TFTW2000
041-178361Shaft Type Spooler for 560 mm bobbins
041-1831924OZ CAMS 760 mm Take Up
041-175742Compact Overhang Shaft Take Up
041-154671SPIRKA Pay-Off & Take-Up 1000mm for braider
041-186851BEMA Cantilever Take up for 1100mm, Model ARV100 1/2S
041-153071VON HAGEN & FUNKE Portal DIN 1250 mm Self Traversing Take-up
041-152642KUKAMA Self Traversing Cantilever Take Up, Model Af 16 T
041-147811NEXTROM DIN 1600 mm - 2000 kg Gantry Type Take-up
041-124341GAUDER New Cantilever Take-up DIN 1600 mm, Model ECM1600
041-168661MEKANOMATIK 2.800 mm Gantry Portal Type Take-up
041-188641REEL-O-TECH Battening Rig for 3200 mm Bobbins
041-187521GAUDER NEW Portal Type Take-up 3600mm - 35T

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