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Cooling troughs

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034-196631I.R. Curing Tunel for Silicone Cables
034-200471MAILLEFER Multipass Cooling Trough
034-200661REIFENHAUSER Set of Pulleys for Multipass Cooling Trough
034-201691MAILLEFER Multipass cooling Trough, Model OU500
034-175801Moveable Stainless Steel Cooling Section, 1700 mm Long
034-19277112 m Long Air Cooling trough
034-19064125 Meter Cooling Trough, 330x110x100 mm
034-18948124 m Long SS Cooling Trough for Jacketting Line with Dryer
034-192701MAILLEFER Single pass 32 m Cooling Trough, Model OU
034-149251MAILLEFER Straight Section Cooling Trough, Model OU6
034-191131MAILLEFER Multipass Cooling Trough For Telephone Wire
034-190921NOKIA Telescopic Cooling Trough, 2700+1900mm

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