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030-202841MAILLEFER 150 mm 18D Extruder, Model BM150
030-159181MAILLEFER Vertical Piggy Back Extruder 30 mm, Model 30/18D
030-194731MAILLEFER Vertical Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 30-18D
030-1355012 x BANDERA 45 mm Rubber Co- Extruders, L/D 12
030-135991BANDERA 45 mm 20 D Cost Effective PVC Extruder
030-179141MAILLEFER 45 mm Horiz. Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-183021MAILLEFER FEP Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-185611MAILLEFER Horizontal Piggy Back Extruder, Model BM 45-20D
030-159301MAPRÉ Heavy Duty 45 mm-25 D extruder, Model E1.45-25.XN.CPC
030-149911TROESTER 60 mm 20 D Extruder - On Mobile Frame
030-157541MAPRÉ Heavy Duty 60 mm-25 D extruder, Model E1.60-25.XN.CPC
030-149921TROESTER 80 mm 20 D PE Extruder
030-191741MAILLEFER 80 mm Foaming Extruder, Model BMAT 80-24D
030-159311MAPRÉ Heavy Duty 80 mm-25 D extruder, Model E1.80-25.XN.CPC
030-165011DE ANGELI 90 mm Complete Rubber Extruder, Model TGX 90/20D
030-142301BANDERA Rubber Extruder 100 mm 13 D
030-159241MAPRÉ Heavy Duty 120 mm-25D extruder, Model E1.120-25.XN.CHC

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