Braider - Braiding line

Our RefQtyDescription 
018-196018SPIRKA Vertical Braider, Model DF16A
018-160422HERZOG 12 Bobbin Textile Braider
018-141831SPIRKA Braider, Model 16Ngf
018-167541SPIRKA 16 bobbins braider, Model 16NG3
018-167561SPIRKA 16 Bobbins Braider, Model 16NG2
018-167551SPIRKA 16-B Large Braider, Model 16NG2
018-162141One Set of 24 Cradles for NIEHOFF Braider, Type 258103
018-167591SPIRKA 24 bobbins Braider, Model 24NGF
018-167601SPIRKA Vertical Braider, Model 24NG1

Right machine not found : Help me to get it !


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