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Tangential taping head for copper, aluminium, plastic or steel tapes

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017-198191SKET Tangential Taping Head, Model BTP 80/2
017-201011DE ANGELI Tangential Taping Head 3 Pads
017-169571Dual Tangential Taping Head for Foil, 2 x 2 pads (400 mm)
017-156155MAILLEFER-Type Paper Lapping Head 4 x 320 mm, for Flats
017-154031POURTIER SKID Wire Head for 4 Wires, Model 4/550
017-156101CORTINOVIS Tangential Taping Head 2 x 500 mm
017-168763POURTIER 16 Pads 600 mm Paper Lapping Head, Model RUB 600

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