Lead extruders - Lead extrusion line - Metalic sheathing

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040-196491FOLKE & SANDELIN Type 4 Screw Housing
040-196531FOLKE & SANDELIN Type 4 Lead Extruder
040-198711FOLKE & SANDELIN Spares for Type 5 Lead Extruder
040-198741FOLKE & SANDELIN N° 5 Screw
040-202911FOLKE & SANDELIN Reducer Housing for Type 5 Lead Extruder
040-139941FOLKE & SANDELIN Reducer For Nr 3 Lead Extruder
040-152791FOLKE & Sandelin Die Block 11" Body For N°4 Lead Extruder
040-168421FOLKE & SANDELIN Die Block 7 1/2" for N°3 Lead Extruder
040-170371FOLKE & SANDELIN Die Block 9'' for N°3 Lead Extruder
040-170381FOLKE & SANDELIN Die Block 9'' for N°3 Lead Extruder
040-180011FOLKE & SANDELIN Model N°4 Lead Extruder
040-190181HFSAB 11"B Die Block for N°4 Lead Extruder
040-192601FOLKE&SANDELIN Type 4 Lead Extruder line

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