Coiling line and re-spooling line

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043-138771SKALTEK/NEK 100-250 mm Plastic Spool Winding Unit
043-122081Vertical Head Coiling Machine For Insulated Cores
043-145931Dual Head Respooling Line : 1000 mm to 300 mm bobbins
043-123451REA Twin Head Despatch Winder for Reel or Coils 325 mm
043-188631SKALTEK Automatic Coiling Unit 400 mm, Model MP400
043-157151PS 3-Head Semi-Automatic Coiling Line, Model PS.80 M/BN
043-183371STAND ALONE 500 mm Horizontal Coiling Unit
043-154061SKALTEK Automatic Coiling and Packing Machine, Model R2
043-189891SKALTEK Automatic Coiling and Packing Line, Model BP480
043-183481LEIMBACH 500 mm Triple Coiling Head, Model CK05.04
043-159261CEECO 630 mm Collapsible Flange Coiling Device
043-183451NORCOIL 600 mm Single Coiling Head, Model 600P
043-176771NORCOIL Single Coiling head 600 mm, Model 600 CH
043-188971Stand alone 700 mm Horizontal coiling head

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