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Diameter control - Sparktester - Capacity diameter gauge

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031-197671BRUNO RICHTER 20 kV DC Sparktester, Model EG/HT3
031-198961ZUMBACH Spark Tester, Model AST.25.50.400
031-199201ZUMBACH Spark Tester, Model DST
031-200981ZUMBACH Spark Tester, Model AST
031-135331ZUMBACH Capacitance Measuring Gauge , Model MR.12.100.C
031-173201BETA Capacity gauge and KI 1700 Controller
031-178481ZUMBACH High Speed Capacitance Processor, Model CAPAC HS
031-192691SIKORA Concentricity Measurement Set, Model Siccon 600
031-195771ZUMBACH Capacitance Monitor Calibration, Model CAPAC 300 19C

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