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Accessories for extruders

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031-197411MANN & HUMMEL Hopper Loader For 60 mm Extruder
031-200162LABOTEK Hopper Loader, Model PGT4
031-200172COLORTRONIC Hopper Mixer, Model CDK
031-200592COLORTRONIC Gravimetric Dosing Systeme, Model UB95
031-200601MAILLEFER Screw Tempering Unit, Model ST-U
031-200641VON HAGEN&FUNKE Air Dryer, Model KT 500
031-200861MOTAN Air Dryer, Model MDC800
031-200961VON HAGEN & FUNKE Air Dryer
031-123431BAFAG Pellets Drying Hopper, 15 L Capacity, Model ATU 15
031-126861MAGUIRE 4 Components Gravimetric Dosing Station, Mod. WSB-MB
031-135541WILSON Colormat With 3 Mixing Heads
031-137971MANN & HUMMEL 400 L Hot Air Pellets Dryer, Model LTT 400
031-141711VHF Cable Dryer , Model KTA 8-500
031-150431COLORTRONIC Hopper Mixer with CDS Control Box
031-158301POLYLOADER Vaccum Type Pellets Hopper Loader , Model PL6/150
031-171081LABOTEK Dessicant Dry Loader, Model DDL350
031-194241MAILLEFER Screw Tempering Unit, Model SKRUV

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