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SETIC (stranding, cabling, twisting, taping, take-up, pay-off and others)

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013-201181SETIC 630mm Double Twist Pairing/Laying up, Model TB630is
042-201191SETIC 800mm Driven Pay Off, Model DRM800 LPC
041-201201SETIC 630mm High Speed Take Up, Model ERM630R
013-165401SETIC 610 mm Cost-Effective Buncher, Model T 75 GD
042-112921SETIC Driven And Tension Control Pay Off, Model DRLT 630
042-127401SETIC Whisker Disk Type Flyer Pay Off, Model DHC 300-1
042-120833SETIC Vertical Static Pay-Off With Separation, Model DV 630
042-127301SETIC DIN 1000 Pay Off For Bunchers, Model DVP 1000 M
042-127311SETIC DIN 1000 mm Pay Off For Bunchers, Model DVP 1000 M
045-194511SETIC Rotating & Pulling Capstan, Model CRT350
050-113131SETIC Festoon System for 19 Wires Bunchers, Model FT 19
050-128371SETIC Rotating Lay Plate, Model GRT 37
050-128381SETIC Multilay System
050-127951SETIC 3 Pulleys Pretwisting Unit, Model MPT 320
076-123461SETIC Continuous Fly Off Pay Off , Model FO DHC 250-1

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