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ROSENDAHL (extruder, extrusion line, caterpillars, take-up, pay-off and others)

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045-200431ROSENDAHL 1250mm Single Wheel Capstan for Fiber Optic
042-2009011600mm Cantilever Driven Pay off
041-202862ROSENDAHL 2000mm Self Traversing Take Up, Model TFTW2000
007-149501ROSENDAHL Set of 3 Screws 45 mm 20 D
007-159162ROSENDAHL 120 mm 24 D Spare Screw
042-186821BEMA 1000-1500mm Cantilever Type Pay-Off
042-134841ROSENDAHL Cantilever Braked Pay-off 1600 mm
042-183771ROSENDAHL 1000 mm Bundle Wire Pick Up, Model RFA 950
045-136551ROSENDAHL Pulling Capstan 500 mm
045-142901ROSENDAHL Dual Wheel Pulling Capstan, Model Dsa 500
045-183831ROSENDAHL 800 mm Belt Wrap Capstan, Model SA 800
050-126601ROSENDAHL 500 mm Braking Capstan, Model Dsb500
074-174411ROSENDAHL DIN 630 Self Detraversing Fiber Pay-Off

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