POURTIER (stranding, cabling, twisting, taping, take-up, pay-off and others)

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050-197574POURTIER 800 mm Deviation Pulley
016-200491POURTIER 2500mm Complete Drum Twisting Line
050-200881POURTIER Pretwisting Unit for RFS line
042-201121POURTIER 2*12 Positions 630 mm Pay Off Frame
045-202881POURTIER Caterpillar
017-154031POURTIER SKID Wire Head for 4 Wires, Model 4/550
017-168763POURTIER 16 Pads 600 mm Paper Lapping Head, Model RUB 600
017-176311POURTIER Compact Taping Stand for 4 Bobbins 350 mm
017-162221POURTIER 10 pos. Concentric Binder with Oscillat. Lay Plates
017-120381POURTIER High Speed Concentric Binder
042-048146POURTIER Cradles 630 mm For Backtwist Operation
042-187741POURTIER 2*12 Positions 630 mm Pay Off Frame
042-194934POURTIER 5 Positions 630mm Driven Pay Off
045-141981POURTIER Antitorsion Braking Caterpillar, Model TSP1000
045-176322POURTIER 600 mm Belt Type Pulling Capstan (4 Pairs Pulling)
050-162251POURTIER 3 Wheel Rotating Counter for Cables up to 65 mm
050-156421POURTIER Lay-plate and Die Holder for Special Cables
050-162231POURTIER Lay Plate & Stranding block
050-173331POURTIER Belt Type Tensioning Unit
050-186631POURTIER Pretwisting Unit
050-164671POURTIER Loading Table for Drum Twister, for Reel 1600 mm
050-190761POURTIER Loading Platform for 1600 mm Drum Twister

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