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NIEHOFF (double twist, bunching, stranding, drawing, multiwire and others)

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061-197271NIEHOFF Twin Wire 13 dies Rodbreakdown Line, Model MM85
066-198181NIEHOFF 12 x 0,10-0,30 mm Drawing Line, Type MMH101
033-198432NIEHOFF Pneumatic oscillation dancer arm, model VP200
061-199381NIEHOFF 11 Dies Rod Break Down Line, Model M85
013-202723NIEHOFF 630mm Double Twist Buncher, Model D630
013-152023NIEHOFF 400 mm Capstan Type High Speed Buncher, Model D400
013-193591NIEHOFF 630mm Double Twist Buncher, Model D630
018-162141One Set of 24 Cradles for NIEHOFF Braider, Type 258103
063-163641NIEHOFF 0,3-1,0 mm Draw.Line Double Spooler 400 mm,Model M30
063-169871NIEHOFF Intermediate Drawing/Annealing Unit, Model M 30
080-158571NIEHOFF 78 kVA Continuous Annealer 1300 A, Model R200
081-142971NIEHOFF 2-Wire 2 X 3000 A Tinning Line, Model VZ-02
063-175681NIEHOFF Intermediate Drawing Line, Model M30
033-191091NIEHOFF Arm Dancer for Rod Breakdown line, Model T 400
041-183501Niehoff NPS Double Spooler, Model SVD500
042-180551NIEHOFF Pay Off for Basket, Model AUD1100.2
042-178351NIEHOFF 1000mm Flyer Pay Off, Model 1/1000
082-164761NIEHOFF Dual 250 mm High speed fully automaticTake Up

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