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LEIMBACH (take-up, pay-off, accumulator, capstan, caterpillar and others)

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042-201491LEIMBACH 1800mm Cantilever Driven Pay-off, Model DS18.01
043-183481LEIMBACH 500 mm Triple Coiling Head, Model CK05.04
033-166211LEIMBACH Oscillating Type Pneumatic Dancer, 3+4/180 mm
033-119941LEIMBACH, Dancer Arm Controlled For Fragile Cables
041-168651LEIMBACH 1000mm Spooler with Capstan, Model CA1004
042-183891LEIMBACH 630 mm Driven Pay Off, Model DAS 06
042-183751LEIMBACH DIN 630 Dual Cone Pay-off with Trolley, Model DUW06
045-186791LEIMBACH Dual Wheel Capstan, Model BS 03.02
045-186621LEIMBACH Belt Type Pulling Capstan 500 mm, Model BS 05
050-183761LEIMBACH Belt Type Tensionning Unit, Model VB 25

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