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KUKAMA (stranding, cabling, binding, taping, take-up, pay-off and others)

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041-198671KUKAMA Full Automatic Double Spooler, Model DWPA-500
033-200372KUKAMA 120m Horizontal Accumulator, Model STH560
074-2037416 B Kukama Driven Payoff 630 mm for Loose T, Model ABLG 630
001-172741KUKAMA Cutting Saw - 100 mm Blade - for Cutting Cables
041-152642KUKAMA Self Traversing Cantilever Take Up, Model Af 16 T
041-191031KUKAMA 800 mm Double Take Up, Mod. DAF 800
042-186651KUKAMA 630 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model KA 7/2
041-129421KUKAMA Basket To Bobbin Cu Wire Rewinding , Model Ws500T
041-172931KUKAMA Portal Type Rewinding Line 1000 mm, Model TAF 16-S
045-172551KUKAMA 350 mm Pulling Capstan with Dancer, Model DST 350

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